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English Literature

Publisher: Pearson York Notes. Title: GCSE English Literature Guides (1-9 Course)

  • Romeo and Juliet: ISBN-10: 1447982231
  • Macbeth: ISBN-10: 1447982207
  • Julius Caesar: ISBN-10: 0582772699
  • The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: ISBN-10: 1447982185
  • Sign of Four: ISBN-10: 1292138130
  • Frankenstein: ISBN-10: 1447982142
  • A Christmas Carol: ISBN-10: 1447982126

  • Lord of the Flies ISBN-10: 1447982193
  • Animal Farm ISBN-10: 1447982134
  • Blood Brothers- ISBN-10: 1292138068
  • An Inspector Calls- ISBN-10: 1447982169

  • Power and Conflict: ISBN-10: 129213805X

Publisher: Cambridge University Press. GCSE Literature Guide

  • Short Story Anthology ISBN-10: 1107454409

English Language

Publisher: Hodder Education: Title: GCSE English 1-9

  • Success: Get the Grade! AQA GCSE English Language Grades 5-9: ISBN: 1471832856
  • Result: Get the Grade! AQA GCSE English Language Grades 1-5: ISBN-10: 147183204X

Publisher: CGP: Title: New GCSE English Language AQA Workbook

  • Grades 9-1: ISBN-10: 1782943706

Publisher: Pearson York Notes. Title: GCSE English Language Guides (1-9 Course)

  • AQA English Language Practice Tests with Answers: ISBN-10: 129218633X

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Publisher: My Learning Apps Ltd

Titles available:

· GCSE Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet

· GCSE Shakespeare- Macbeth

· GCSE Shakespeare- Julius Caesar

· GCSE Poetry- Relationships

· GCSE Poetry- Conflict