Year 10

Below is a list of texts that are available for study. Students will only study ONE from each section.

English Literature Paper 1: Shakespeare

1. Romeo and Juliet

2. Macbeth

3. Julius Caesar

English Literature Paper 1: 19th Century Novel

1. The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde- Robert Louis Stevenson

2. Frankenstein- Mary Shelley

3. A Christmas Carol- Charles Dickens

4. The Sign of Four- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

English Literature Paper 2: Modern Texts

1. Lord of the Flies- William Golding

2. Animal Farm- George Orwell

3. Blood Brothers- Willy Russell

4. An Inspector Calls- J.B Priestley

5. AQA Short Story Anthology

English Literature Paper 2: Poetry Anthology

All students have their own copy of the AQA Poetry Anthology. Students will study the following group of poems:

1. Power and Conflict